About SIXTY EYES 2012


A cautious view of Australia.

Looking through 62 year old eyes with a capacity for wonder.  Beginning with images from the past and then photoblogging my own 2000S as they come. The NORTHERN RIVERS of NSW seem to be holding me so the Villages and Waterways of GCountry seem likely to be the main theme of 2000s for me. We will see.


The next year is underway. I shall once more look for a new theme for this 12 months. Please join me for another year with my wee Fujfilm camera. I’ll show you a little more of life here in the North of the South.


My sister, Susan Pomroy, passed away on February 17, 2011. Peacefully at home from the wretched disease of Cancer. The Images of 2011 are dedicated to Susan.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2011 : ALMOST one year in Raleigh. Have changed the WordPress Theme for SIXTY EYES 2011 VISION.

UPDATE MARCH 2010 : Now relocated to RALEIGH in the BELLINGEN SHIRE. That means I have come HOME for a time

2010 now includes a trip down South as far as Bateman’s Bay in March and horses and mists in Raleigh. I am now back in the Saltwater/Freshwater Country where the Rivers Meet the Sea.

2010: We include the New England in the Plans and, at this time, a large number of Cattle and Dogs on Utes , a baby and some little girls, Bellingen and Ulmarra and Forealty Towers in Coldstream Street where I currently reside.



4 thoughts on “About SIXTY EYES 2012

  1. Your photos are fantastic i love them all…particulary the horses, cattle and moon photos. There’s something magical about the moon and living out of town the moon is far more beautiful. My husband and I every night without fail walk outside to look at the stars and the moon in fact he proposed to me on the beach in full moon. I look forward to seeing many more of your photos and am definatley adding you to my blog roll. Your photos are making me super excited for our camping trip this weekend!!!

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